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Quotes from our Warriors

“I have not been around people which effectively show gratitude to military service individuals, than what CHW galvanizes in Northport. They have a quality and unique niche to thank service men/ women & veterans for military time. The CHW Weekend is a good moral support to me and family after my military service. Personally, the CHW Weekend is a time I can use to reflect on memories in four deployments, the soldiers I served with, and the ones that did not return with me. After the sacrifice of service, I wish all service men and women to have the opportunity to experience the feeling of when a CHW team member, or really any one from Northport, treats you just like a family member. My experience is that it will humble you, at the same time making it all seem okay about some things which happened during service. I believe that CHW, and others in Northport, empower and support the life after military service."
Eric Burges SSG, USA 82nd Airborne Division

It’s hard to put into words how much the Cow Harbor Warrior Weekend meant to my fellow veterans, my family and me,” said Purple Heart recipient Sergeant Robert Gil Jr. who participated in the inaugural event. “To see a community united in support of our veterans was a touching reminder of what we’ve fought and sacrificed for.”
Purple Heart recipient Sergeant Robert Gil Jr.

“I felt for the first time I was being recognized for my contribution to this country and that my time in service was not in vain. I had not felt this way in a long time as a matter of fact not since my graduation from basic training when I saw that smile and how proud my mother looked when she saw me in my uniform for the first time. Cow Harbor reminded me of what it felt like to be a soldier again. I was reminded of why we soldiers do what we do for the love of our husbands, wives children, neighbors, our country and that for the first time I felt it reciprocated by the wonderful people of Cow Harbor. Cow Harbor made me feel I was part of the community and at home. For a few days I belonged here and it felt good. All I can say is THANK YOU Cow Harbor, I am forever grateful for what you did for a few of us even though we were not all members of your town we felt no different.”
Anna Swanson, Combat Veteran, US Army- Retired

"The Cow Harbor Warrior Weekend was a wonderful expression of gratitude from the citizens of Northport that made my fellow wounded veterans and me feel honored, enabled and appreciated," said retired Army Capt. James Van Thach, an infantry officer wounded during Operation Iraqi Freedom. "It was an amazing experience for the warriors and their families, and the funds raised will continue to help our heroes adjust to life after war."
Purple Heart recipient Captain James Van Thach, US Army-Retired

“It took me a day to get use to the crowd but being with [Cow Harbor Warrior] staff members and my fellow wounded brothers and sisters was just what the doctor ordered. My family and I had such a wonderful time, something we haven't had in a while.”
Ssg Peter Torruella

“I was lucky enough to participate in the Cow Harbor Warrior Weekend with my family and there are no words to express my gratitude for the great weekend we had. That weekend was a godsend as it gave me and my family a chance to reconnect, get away and simply enjoy life again. We have lots of good memories and still talk to this day about what a wonderful event you provided.”
SFC US ARMY Dennis Mesias

“The Cow Harbor Warrior Weekend was the first experience I had with The Wounded Warrior™ program and it had the greatest impact. The sense of being appreciated, wanted, respected and amongst people who shared similar stories made me feel like I was not alone, which couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. From a veteran who has asked for nothing from my fellow Americans and who has honorably served in our Nations Armed Forces I now humbly ask on behalf of our brothers and sisters who do not have the fortune of asking and myself please do not take an opportunity like Cow Harbor Warrior Weekend away from us, our families, our supporters, and future warriors. We need this in our lives.”
Navy Petty officer Crystal Marrero 2nd class

“I can't thank you enough. I swear, it was truly unbelievable to have people share and open their lives up to us just because we were in the wars and injured. I know I told you before but I want to reiterate, memorial day for me is telling all my friends and family to leave me alone (which is embarrassing enough because of the questions) and sitting in my room in my own house drinking alone and crying. I never really tell many people that, because honestly you just get sick of them not understanding. You all volunteered your own time and money to take care of me for that entire day and I'm forever grateful. I spent memorial day smiling and laughing but still telling our stories and my friends stories that were killed which it is all about. Anything you ever need, personal or for any event, you can call me and you will have a dedicated and loyal Marine Infantryman at your service.”
Daniel Egbert SGT / USMC